Elite Junior Training

Ideal for Beginners

Fun Environment

Ideal for beginners looking to improve golf fundamentals in a fun environment, as well as great for juniors aspiring to play competitive golf or make their high school team.

This program will also provide a springboard to help elevate the game of juniors who currently compete in competitive events, or are seeking to earn a college scholarship.

*Offered from September to May after school and on Saturdays.

Program Features

Skill development circuit training, all drills are target-based, and goal-specific to individual skill level.

  • Putting Drills
  • Chipping Drills
  • Pitching Drills
  • Full Swing Drills
  • Fitness Drills

Individual progress and goal tracking system

Player Notebook with weekly goals and record of daily progress

Mental toughness training, character building, and life skills development.

How would you like your junior golfer to swing like a pro?

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